Sergei Vengo is a composer and live performer of electronic music focusing on multi-genre experiences from organic/progressive house to ethnic and experimental. Sergei is currently signed to Here to Hear (HTH) Music Label.

Backed by Label head Roy McLaren, Sergei masterfully paints portraits of music through warm harmonies and deep groovy sound.

Sergei’s first EP ‘Love 24’ which includes a b-side Vain Memories kicked off 2022, released in the trusty hands of Roy McLaren, Head of HTH Music label, who contributed his signature vibes with a tasteful and cohesive dance floor remix of Love 24.

Sergei Vengo

Sergei joins his long standing partner, sound producer and sound designer Alexander Kusto, in the making of club versions of Immovable Flow and Alternity, set for release by Q4 2022.

On the live side, Sergei’s first live performance took place on February 04, 2022 in the Ryabov Manufaktura Loft, which was professionally filmed and included the following tracks: Greek, Immovable Flow, Time Effect, Pink Planet Girl, Games with a rainbow, Piu and many others. During the performance, Sergei was joined on stage by six musicians. Click to see the concert video.

In February 2022, Sergei produced three remixes for Russian Quasi-Folk Song by UGLY BAND.

Since childhood, Sergei has been fascinated by multi-genre electronic music by Jean Michel Jarre, Genesis, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, as well as classical music by Erik Satie, Bach, Grieg, Rachmaninov, Sviridov, Shostakovich. Soviet composers, Eduard Artemiev and Sofya Gubaidulina, were a major influence, too. Sergei’s grandfather, Grigory Shevchenko (translator by education), was a professional trombonist and played in an orchestra.

Sergei has an artistic family. The eldest daughter graduated from a music school in the violin class, the eldest son has a passion for vocals, two younger daughters are professionally engaged in dancing, ballet and vocal training. Sergei’s wife Maria (translator by education and Sergei’s business partner) is the author of all lyrics for the songs in English.

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While at school, Sergei’s first instrument, apart from the piano, was the legendary KORG 01W ProX, on which Sergei dabbled at first arrangements and melodies. He had to travel across the city to a music store where Sergei’s friend worked as a salesman. After the store closed for the night, Sergei was allowed to explore the new electronic sounds of KORG with a built-in sequencer. This ‘salesman friend’ of Sergei’s is now a top costume designer and art director of the Raduga Vishnu Project, Georgy Belov. From 2009 to 2020, Sergei finished more than 50 new tracks in his home studio. Sergei draws many of his artistic ideas from the sounds of the environment as well as from works of design and art, many of which are inspired by his children’s paintings (Pink Planet Girl, Aluminum Soul, Wasp and Dragon Friendship, Smoker and others). In terms of visual concepts and design, Sergei has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with the talented designer Kleem Novosyolov.

Сontemporary musical tastes of Sergei consist of Marsh, Royksopp, Nick Warren, Jody Wisternoff, Eskmo (Brendan Angelides), Yello, Stromae, Kuzma Bodrov. Sergei also highly regards the music of contemporary Russian composers Alexei Obraztsov and Dmitry Postovalov.